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Plant Shadow


The content producer you will write, develop, edit, and publish content and copy for a variety of digital platforms, including websites, blogs, videos, email marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, social media posts, infographics, whitepapers, and more. 

The Digital content producers will create messaging, marketing materials, and various forms of digital online copy that can be used by an organization to sell or promote services, increase brand awareness.





What You’ll Do

  • Provide urgent writing of content for all platforms: TV, digital, social, etc.

  • Responsible for monitoring a variety of “in” points for news—police, fire scanners, social media, email, internal wires, phone calls

  • Identify newsworthy content from scanners

  • Ability to recognize trending stories online, provide timely updates for multiple platforms

  • Must be social media savvy and possess a thorough grasp of the use of social media for audience engagement

  • Must be able to work any shift, including overnights, weekends

  • Developing and promoting a company brand, service, or product through the various digital content produced.

  • Contribute to a wide variety of digital content platforms – websites, blogs, videos, mobile, social media, and more. 

  • Content management systems and managing/editing websites write, review, edit and publish content they write, as well as that of others, if applicable.

About the Role

  • Be able to prioritize a large volume of writing assignments based on urgency, platform needs, and deadlines.

  • Knowledge of writing for all platforms—broadcast, digital, social, push alerts, radio.

  • Keen sense of content judgment for each media platform—what drives the audience on that platform.

  • Multi-platform mindset—Gather news through all platforms.

  • Newsgatherer—excels at developing relationships and trust with contacts and sources.

  • Team Player—need to be able to handle other assignments as needed, showing flexibility, adaptability, problem-solving skills, a person who collaborates with team members, with a positive, can-do attitude.

  • Distribute content on all platforms-broadcast TV, radio, digital apps, social media.

  • Degree in preferred Study in a relevant field required (Journalism, Communications, Social Media, Broadcast Technology).

  • Understand digital marketing/SEO best practices.

  • Wiling to evolve, learn new skills, new technology, embrace change.

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