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Plant Shadow


The digital Media producer will be involved in creating audio-visual products: films, commercials, and audio and video messages for online formats. Media producers will be responsible for tasks, such as animation and narration, editing and arranging videos or developing program material.





What You’ll Do

  • Oversee the production of digital media including videos, website development, online advertising, and email marketing.

  • Brainstorming subject matter and choosing topics for videos, writing scripts and titles, editing audio or video footage for media projects

  • Using their knowledge of software programs like Final Cut Pro, AVID, After Effects and Photoshop to create visual pieces

  • Working with production crew and directors, sound engineers, videographers and producers

  • Producing audio and video content to be used online, for commercials, for motion pictures and more

  • Possessing a solid understanding of technology and using it to manage the creation of content for digital formats

  • Communicating with other production and project stakeholders to build engaging audio/visual material that meets user needs and production goals

  • Software editing programs and video and audio equipment.

About the Role

  • Bachelor’s degree program in media arts, communications, broadcast journalism, film/television production or other related field can provide the foundation for entry-level work. 

  • Web design concepts and knowledge of popular programming languages and Web platforms, such as HTML, CSS, Java and Flash.

  • Benefit from courses in graphic art, interactive design and a programming language, such as C++. 

  • knowledge of different encoding and compression formats for Web publication.

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