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Game Jam highlights the opportunities in South Africa

Gaming is hot and the world games market a billion dollar industry steadily growing. At the end of 2020 Newzoo reported there 2.69 billion gamers and growth has been steady with an average of 5.6% year-on-year (YoY) increase. 2021 figures are forecast to reach 2.81 billion gamers that will earn the global games market an estimated $189.3 billion.*

This is an industry worth getting into, and this April Animation SA and AdanianLabs are proudly collaborating to host Gauteng’s first Game Jam from the 8th to 10th April 2022 at the ASA Incubation Hub – Constitution Hill.

The aim of the Game Jam is to get graduate game developers, or individuals interested in game design and development to explore the world of gaming as a career prospect.

This year’s event will host 25–30 young game developer interns, giving them an opportunity to showcase their ability to design games within the context of gamification. The event hopes to arm them with ‘survival skills’ to consider outsourcing gamification work whilst they develop their main game / passion.

“It is hoped that events such as Game Jam will encourage graduates and young game developers to consider the prospects to earn a living working in their dream job as a game developer. The event aims to highlight the various career opportunities that exist within the space,” said event organiser Xolile Vundla of Animation SA

Each participant will be challenged to create an educational game with various techniques adopted to create fun ways to engage a number of school subjects.

Participation in the event will enable the aspiring interns to gather additional info on working in the gamification market, learning where they would like to position themselves in the market and finally get support that helps them develop or sharpen the game development skills required for gamification.

The participants will be judged on their ability to balance principles of game design and the needs of the non-entertainment clients in the process of making a gamification product.

“Adanian Labs is committed to growing the Gaming ecosystem because it will allow young Africans to build games that will compete globally Create and inform edutainment. The Game Jam is also part of collective efforts to allow African developers to participate in the new digital world of tokenization, game metaverse and tech ecosystem.”, says Bendon Murgor co-founder of Adanian Labs who are intentional about positioning the lab to be a catalyst to support start-up incubators.

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