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A dynamic ecosystem to Innovate, Nurture Launch and Scale disruptive solutions.

Adanian Labs distinguishes ourselves in the incubation process through our focused approach to provide advisory services to our startups, technology teams to build their solutions, support functions to build frameworks for structures and processes and fund raising. 




Due Dilligence


On boarding

On our first month we get to listen to your pitch, if it aligns with our mission and vision and it has a solid business case, we proceed to legal compliance, due diligence, plan on deliverables and get your startup onboarded.

Using the Computer
Workshop in Progress

MONTH 2 & 3

Design Thinking

Tech Architecture


Team Assignment


Tech Development

The second phase involves design thinking on your solution, which is followed by relevant tech training, assignment of startup team and the commencement of the product development. During this period you are assigned to a mentor. 

MONTH 4 & 5

MVP finalization

Branding and marketing


Go To Market strategies

Pitch Readiness

On this phase we push to finish the MVP and run validation models to ensure everything makes sense. The branding team supports you on crafting a strong brand purpose and preparing a branding kit while the advisory team works with your team to prepare get you pitch ready.

Business Conference
A Young Woman Writing


Pitching to Investors

Marketing Product

Media Appearances

Partnership Drive

Beta Tests

On this phase you will be pitching to investors, interacting with the media, running beta tests with real consumers and securing partnerships for your startup. If there is any needs for iterations this is when to discover them.

MONTH 7 & 8

Beta Roll Out

Investor Checklist



This phase is about launching your startup to the market via a beta phase roll out to discover and solve any bugs and issues. At this point you have all the needed investor checklist and you are marketing your solutions to all key stakeholders.

Engineer in Factory
Working from Home

MONTH 9 & 10



New Markets Pilots

At this phase you will be exhibiting your solution through relevant platforms, undergoing a leadership mentorship program, and running mini pilots in new markets to test product scale-ability. You should be either closing a seed round and/or enjoying you initial revenues.

MONTH 11 & 12



Media and PR

Monitoring and Evaluation

Scale Planning

During these months you will be networking with captain of industries, doing media and PR activations as you monitor and evaluate your strategy to plan for Lab exit after month 12 and scale strategy. You should have secured your seed investment and are putting up structures for your scale in the relevant markets.

Couple with Laptop



Commercial viable solutions

We invest in businesses whose concept is viable and has commercial value. There is demand to scale the solution across multi markets. The concept is unique and disruptive with ability to leverage off collaboration. 


Youth led/driven startups

The potential to lead Africa towards economic and social prosperity lies in the youth of Africa. We invest in young people and invest in building their capacity to create wealth for themselves and their communities. 


Potential for exponential growth

We aim to support businesses that will derive the most value from being Africa based but with scale-able potential into other markets. We gravitate towards businesses that have the potential for exponential growth. 


Impact driven solutions

Impact is a key driver in our incubation. We believe in the power of technology to solve Africa and world challenges. Our startups are solving some of these challenges creating tangiable impact in their sectors. 


 De-Risk-Able business models

We get excited with solutions that have innovative business models that can be de-risked. Be a show off and show us how your solution’s revenue model is “essential”!

We are flexible in mindset meaning we can be very open minded.


Entrepreneur’s attitude and mindset

We love entrepreneurs who have a growth mindset! One who has what it takes to move from talk to action and is agile to adapt with vatious environment… our Adanian entrepreneur is resilient, persistent and hungry to change the world!

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